Orzo Greek Salad

Is it a salad or is it a pasta? It’s both, Orzo Greek Salad! :) Meals like this are my favourite, especially during these warmer days, served with grilled meat/fish and enjoyed on a terrace. This salad would go great with my Greek Yoghurt Marinated Chicken, YUM! Had it with grilled sea bass today but … Continue reading Orzo Greek Salad

‘Croatian’ Lamingtons

Love chocolate? Love coconut? Then you’ll gonna love these little squares of joy! A traditional Australian treat, lamingtons are little sponge cakes coated in chocolate and coconut and usually filled with jam. But why do I call them ‘croatian’ then? Well because I know them by the name ‘chupavci’ and have been eating/making them since … Continue reading ‘Croatian’ Lamingtons